Here is an assortment of links to cancer resources that I have found useful. I will continue to add to this.

Cancer Information and Support
CANCERactive – A website (and charity) set up by biochemist Chris Woollams. An objective and balanced source of information regarding cancer, drawing on a lot of research. They have a good email newsletter and write in an easy-to-understand manner.
Cancer-U-Can – A UK-based cancer support group. They also have a Facebook group.
Chemocare – Lots of information on chemo drugs and managing side effects.
Macmillan Cancer Support – One of the more prominent charities in the UK providing cancer support and information.
Penny Brohn UK – A wonderful charity based in Bristol offering a range of therapies, classes, information, medical and emotional support to cancer patients and their companions.
It’s In The Bag – A testicular cancer focussed charity providing support and information.

Holistic Cancer and Lifestyle Information
Chris Beat Cancer – A very motivating site created by cancer survivor and all-round nice guy, Chris Wark. The site contains a wealth of information and interviews with a wide range of cancer survivors. Chris also offers a healing cancer coaching programme called Square One, which includes a series of videos, reference documents and support.
Cancer Tutor – A cancer information website with a lot of information on natural and integrative treatments.
Survive Cancer – A US-based charity providing information on healthy living.
Moss Reports – Guidance on conventional, integrative, immunotherapy, experimental, complementary, dietary, and alternative cancer therapies.
Anticancer Mom – the website of a woman who healed from stage II NLP Hodgkin’s lymphoma using natural therapies.

Testicular Cancer Blogs
Phil’s BEP Chemo Journey – Phil writes about his experience with testicular cancer up to and including successful BEP chemotherapy. He was treated in Manchester, UK, in 2018-19.
Andrew James’ Testicular Cancer – This includes Andrew’s experience with retroperitoneal lymph node dissection (RPLND) in addition to his orchidectomy and chemotherapy. Andrew was diagnosed in 2013 and treated in Liverpool, UK.
A Ballsy Sense of Tumor – Justin lives in Virginia, USA, and writes about his experience with testicular cancer and chemotherapy, starting in 2016.
Buzz’s Testicular Cancer & BEP Chemo Blog – Buzz had an orchidectomy operation followed by chemotherapy in Leeds, UK, in 2015.
C-Day Testicular Cancer Chemotherphy BEP – Mr A had an orchidectomy and chemotherapy for testicular cancer in 2018-19.

The Anti-Cancer Revolution – A documentary series that aired in June 2019. It includes 42 video interviews with health practitioners on a wide range of cancer-related topics, many of them holistic. The initial free screening period may have ended, but repeat viewings of these sorts of series often emerge annually, or sometimes more often.