BEP Cycle 2 Days 10-12

Thursday 4 – Saturday 6 July 2019

I was really tired on Thursday and couldn’t stay on my feet for very long at a time. I ended up staying in bed most of the day, sleeping for some of it. I noticed that I was getting more regular tinnitus, but each burst only lasted 10-15 seconds.

I was feeling a bit better on Friday, in terms of tiredness and general ability to do things. However, I had a very achy back and joints during the morning. I put this down to possibly having been slouching too much during the previous day or two. I stayed on my feet for quite a long time as it was hurting my back to sit down. I alternated between standing and lying flat on my back with no pillow for most of the day, napping on a couple of occasions.

Towards the end of the day the aching in my back eased. I went outside for a little while in the evening and watered the garden.

I noticed episodes of tinnitus quite a lot, as per the previous day. The stinging when urinating had also become quite intense and I felt that I was getting a bit phlegmy.

My chest felt more phlegmy the next morning. It was a hot and sunny Saturday and our friend Stuart had offered to come and help us in the garden. Although I’d managed to mow part of the lawn on a good day a couple of weeks earlier, I’d not been in a fit enough state to take care of the rest of the garden and it was getting a bit out of control.

Stuart brought a trimmer round with him and he started by running it over the grass at the back of the garden to get it down to a reasonable length. I then started to mow over the areas that he had trimmed. In the heat and with my general level of wellness, I was quickly overwhelmed and needed to sit and rest. I got up and down and helped with bits and pieces, but Stuart did most of the work, for which I am very grateful. Each time I got up and did something for a couple of minutes, I started to feel faint just couldn’t stay on my feet. Stuart stayed for 2-3 hours and left with the end of the garden in a much more manageable state than it had been to begin with. It was really nice of him to come around.

After he left, I had to go and sleep for a while. It had all been quite exhausting.

A family we know but hadn’t seen for a couple of years were coming up from Dorset and staying locally for the weekend, so Pia and the girls popped out to meet them in the afternoon. They spent a bit of time in town then visited the nearby Pyle Farm which has an ice cream parlour. I had a shower after napping and everyone came back to ours for dinner in the evening. I was feeling a bit more refreshed by this point.

On the whole it had been an exhausting day, but I’d still been feeling generally better than I had during the previous few days. My arm was also bothering me less, which was a good sign.