BEP Cycle 1 Days 4-6

Friday 07 – Sunday 09 June 2019

I slept in until about 9:30 on my first day back from hospital. After getting up I had a look through my bag of drugs and accompanying info to figure out my medicinal schedule for the days ahead.

I had a nice bowl of oatmeal with rehydrated dried fruits for breakfast. While I’d previously been eating a diet consisting mostly of fruit and vegetables, much of it raw, and a lot of freshly pressed juice, I was beginning to get more of an urge to eat foods higher in carbohydrates: oats, rice, potatoes and the like. Chemo patients often lose a good bit of weight during treatment, and especially while energy feels low, some extra carbs are not a bad thing.

I spent the day at home, pottering about and not doing anything more than I could easily manage. I lay down when I needed to. I was mostly tired and had a feeling as if I was somehow in a little bubble or cloud, preventing me from feeling normal. I don’t really know how to better describe that. At some times I felt a bit more groggy than at others, but I was coping ok. My voice also started to disappear a bit as the day progressed.

The next day, Saturday, I didn’t feel quite so good. I’d mostly slept alright, but did have a period of awakeness during the night after one toilet visit. I felt quite a bit more groggy than the day before and made sure I took a dose of Metoclopramide. My voice was almost completely gone. I didn’t have any throat pain or anything, but just couldn’t get out much volume. The rest of the family was heading out for a couple of hours during the afternoon, but I opted to stay home and rest.

I was a bit perkier on the Sunday, but felt a little light headed most of the day and still in my bubble. My voice had recovered a bit, but was still a little off. My triumph for the day was honouring a DJ slot that I’d booked for an open decks session at a local music venue during the afternoon. I’d booked it a couple of weeks earlier with the idea that I should fairly easily be able to get someone to cover for me if I wasn’t feeling up to it.

Mixing Motown in my Guns’n’Roses t-shirt

Rather than play my usual kind of set for this event of carefully crafted house/disco/funk, I decided to play a selection of 60’s tunes, predominantly Motown, which didn’t require too much concentration to mix. As it happened, nobody was booked to play the slot after me, so I ended up playing a full 90 minutes of Diana Ross, Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin and The Four Tops, amongst many others. There wasn’t much of an audience, but the rest of the family and a couple of friends came down which was nice. It was also a good opportunity to catch up with some other local DJs, so I’m glad I managed to make it.

I was quite worn out and still feeling a bit weird after I’d finished, so I walked home slowly with the kids and then chilled out for the rest of the day.

The first three days at home had been a bit variable, but I felt like I was getting a feel for living with chemo.