BEP Cycle 1 Day 16

Wednesday 19 June 2019

I woke up with quite a bit of hair on my pillow this morning. It’s getting easier to pull it out each day. A fair bit more came out while showering and drying my hair (gently), after which there remained a layer of loose detached hair on the surface of my fixed hair. Hairs from that layer were inclined to fall everywhere, making washing and drying my face an extended activity.

I had another day chemo session in the afternoon, so Pia and I took another journey to Bristol. The session went fairly swiftly. I had my PICC line redressed and some blood was taken for a full blood count. Then I had half an hour of IV saline, some hydrocortisone and then half an hour of Bleomycin. It was finished off with a bit more saline.

Second day chemo in progress

The nurse looking after me was called Susie and she had a lot to do with the Penny Brohn charity which I had learned about from Julie the day before. Susie also had a lot of knowledge on more holistic therapies and dietary practices that could help in treating cancer, so it was great to talk to her. She’s the only person in the NHS we’ve spoken to so far that has mentioned anything other than surgery and chemo. Anything else seems taboo.

My chest felt a bit funny on the way home, which it had also done after the previous week’s day chemo. I’d been slightly nervous as to how the evening would pan out after having received Bleomycin in the afternoon, but fortunately I has no fever and slept well.

BEP Cycle 1 Days 14-15

Monday 17 – Tuesday 18 June 2019

I wasn’t feeling too bad on Monday, but I was quite tired and took it fairly easy. I stayed in bed most of the day. My eldest daughter was home from school with a snotty cold. I tried not to get too close so as to avoid catching anything.

I had a bit of energy towards the end of the afternoon, so I dug a hole in the garden in which to bury the chicken which died the previous week. We buried her and filled in the hole before dinner.

This was also the day that I noticed that I was able to pull out hair quite easily. I could grab a small amount between my fingers and it would pull out without any hassle. Some bodily hair also pulled out quite easily.

I was feeling fairly good on Tuesday morning, so I went to a Qi Gong drop in class in the morning. That was quite good, but a couple of times I needed to take a quick sit down and drink some water. I managed fairly well though on the whole and it was nice to have gone out to do something. Pia came to meet me afterwards and we shared a pot of fresh ginger tea before going home.

I had a nap in the afternoon. While I was resting, Pia had a lady called Julie round who she was teaching to make water kefir. Pia has been making kefir for years and had offered a lesson in an auction of promises fundraiser for the girls’ school.

Interestingly, Julie has also recently been through a similar journey to me with cancer surgery, metastasis and chemotherapy. Pia came to wake me up, so I came to the kitchen and chatted for a while. That was quite a nice coincidence and it was great to speak to her. She recommended that I get in touch with a charity called Penny Brohn, which provides a lot of support to cancer patients and their families and carers.

My hair, by the end of Tuesday, was definitely coming out more easily than a day earlier. I was wondering how quickly that would develop!