BEP Cycle 3 Day 11

Friday 26 July 2019

I woke up in the morning feeling quite good. I was much improved compared to the previous few days, which was both surprising and elating. It was a total contrast from the day before. I didn’t feel anywhere near completely normal, but the improvement was a huge boost and mentally I felt over the moon!

I still took it fairly easy for the day, but spent more time outside and pottering around in the garden. It had cooled down quite a bit so being outside was much easier. The previous few days had been in the 30s, but Friday peaked at about 23 C which was nice and comfortable.

Pia baked a loaf full of buckwheat, seeds and butternut squash. We had some for lunch and it was delicious. It was a recipe that we used to make a few years earlier, but it had been a long time since we had last done it.

We spent quite a while after lunch sitting outside and talking. We decided that the next day we would go and get a couple of new hens to join Lucy, as she was starting to look quite lonely on her own. The question was, what sort of hens? And where would we find them? I contacted one breeder by email, but they didn’t currently have any breeds that we thought would be suitable for us. We then discovered another breeder near Glastonbury who had a good variety of hens available, so we decided that we would visit there the next day.

Later in the afternoon, we drove to Homebase to see what kinds of large plant pots they had, as I wanted to repot one of my feijoa plants that was getting too big for its existing pot. We didn’t see anything that took our fancy, but we did buy another pot in which I could put an olive plant that I had received for my birthday.

My olive plant in its new pot

When we got home, we spent a couple of hours out in the garden. I clipped back a number of brambles and roses that needed tidying up, and I pulled out some ivy and dried up stems from one messy looking corner of the garden. I think I wore myself out a bit with this as I was quite exhausted afterwards and could no longer stay on my feet for more than a few minutes at a stretch.

Pia cooked some home grown potatoes and courgette for dinner. She had dug up a row of potatoes the day before and had been pleasantly surprised to find 3-4 kilograms of nice looking specimens, including some big ones. We’d had a home grown courgette almost every evening during the last week, they were coming thick and fast.

All in all, I’d had a great day and was feeling so much better than I had at any point during the previous week. I was very grateful for that. It was truly amazing what difference there could be from one day to the next.

BEP Cycle 2 Days 19-20

Saturday 13 – Sunday 14 July 2019

I woke up around 8:00 and went downstairs, feeling fairly good. I prepared breakfast for our guests and the rest of the family once everyone else started to emerge. After an hour or so on my feet, I was worn out and needed to go and lie down for a bit.

Later in the morning we all drove into town to have a wander around. We had a look at some shops and a small market that was on, then everyone was keen to eat. I was getting tired, so I walked home while the others went back to the car and headed to the café and ice cream parlour at the nearby Pyle Farm. I got home quite exhausted, but had enough energy to make something to eat before having a rest. The others got back after a couple of hours and our friends headed off to their next destination in Dorset. It was great to have had them visit.

Our eldest daughter had been invited to a sleepover on a farm which she used to visit frequently a year or two earlier. One of her friends came to collect her, leaving us with just one child for the night. We got her off to bed straight after dinner, which gave us the luxury of a free evening. We picked a film (after much deliberation) and stayed up to watch that, quite ready to sleep by the time it finished.

The next morning I was still quite tired, not really having been able to shake the fatigue off over the past few days, but at least I wasn’t feeling sick. The cough was still there and I was beginning to expect that to now be a permanent feature during the chemo.

Pia and I spent a little bit of time in the garden. We repotted a couple of plants and Pia put a few new seedlings in vegetable beds. I rearranged a few things in the greenhouse, trying to make the best use of the space for what we had in there.

Pia went out to collect our elder daughter (and her friends) from the sleepover. After lunch, the two of them went to Bath to do some shoe shopping and I stayed at home with our younger daughter. We played some board games and had a mess around with my little Roland TB-3 digital synthesiser. It’s a newer digitally modelled version of the classic TB-303 from the 1980s, which is famous for its unique squelchy bass lines popularised by the sounds of acid house and acid techno dance music. It’s quite good fun.

I went out and watered the garden before dinner. After dinner, and once the girls were in bed, Pia and I dealt with a few bits of admin before going to bed ourselves. I’d been feeling ok most of the weekend and managed pretty well, but the tiredness was pervasive. Although I was coping with getting things done and even spending time in the garden or walking around town, it was exhausting and I was still having to rest a lot. I suppose that’s not surprising though, being six weeks into my chemo schedule.

BEP Cycle 2 Days 14-15

Monday 8 – Tuesday 9 July 2019

I started the day feeling pretty good. I walked the girls to school and then went for a Bodytalk session for an hour. Once I was home, Pia and I ate some porridge and then headed into the vegetable garden.

I was feeling a bit tired and slow by this point, but still managed to pull some weeds from each of the vegetable beds. There were quite a few weeds, but they all reasonably small and came out fairly easily. Pia set about harvesting the garlic which we had planted in the autumn. She counted no less than 90 bulbs!

A good harvest of garlic that will keep us going for a while

In the afternoon we had a visit from Julie, who we had met when she came around a few weeks earlier to learn from Pia how to make water kefir. It was nice to see her. We sat outside chatting and eating strawberries and watermelon. Pia and Julie went together to collect children from school and I headed into town for a drop in sound healing session which is on every Monday.

On the way home my hayfever started to flair up. It had come fairly late this year, I think as it hadn’t gotten very warm until the end of June. I had a hard time in the evening with a raw nose, snottiness and a headache.

On top of that, I’d been feeling a growing heaviness in my chest recently and had been coughing quite a lot. The coughing was shallow and dry, not much substance to it, but it was interrupting my talking quite a lot. This was quite apparent when I was putting one of the girls to bed and trying to read some stories. I’d often have to cough before I could complete a sentence. It was annoying, but didn’t feel serious.

I got to bed reasonably early, but was quite tired when I woke on Tuesday morning. I had a fairly easy day, spending much of it in bed. I noticed that my cough was getting slightly worse.

The other thing I noticed was to do with the nerve pain in the back of my right forearm and wrist. I had thought that it was triggered by how I moved my right hand, having noticed that I would feel the pain when pressing my right ear with it. What I now noticed was that I could trigger the pain by pressing my right ear with my left hand, so there was some kind of connection between my right ear and the nerve in the back of my right forearm! That was quite a revelation, although I couldn’t start to explain it. I assumed that either the nerves were linked or that there was an acupressure point in the ear that was associated with the area of the nerve pain. Very interesting.