BEP Cycle 1 Days 19-20

Saturday 22 – Sunday 23 June 2019

Maybe not surprisingly, after having had a long day and a late night on Friday, I was feeling very tired and a bit under the weather on Saturday morning. I opted to rest as much as I could and spent most of the day in bed, combining a bit of napping with catching up a little on the blog writing (still way behind though).

The girls’ school summer fair was on and I had hoped to go along but I just wasn’t feeling up to it. So Pia and the girls went on their own and had a nice time. Pia brought be back a couple of second hand records she found for a pound or two each: The Beatles Red Album and a compilation of 50’s and early 60’s rock’n’roll, containing a lot of good tracks.

In the afternoon, Pia’s sister, her partner and their little boy came down from London to stay for the night, which was great. I was still resting, so Pia took everyone else out for a couple of hours. I got up when they got back and we set about making dinner. After dinner we played some games before winding up for the night.

My youngest daughter, who almost inevitably ends up in our room at some point during the night, had been sniffly and sneezing before bed, so to spare me from getting any unintentional exposure, we put her to bed with Pia and I slept in her room instead. Since the trip to accident and emergency on day 7 of my cycle, I have been keeping quite vigilant about avoiding any possible exposure to infection.

I woke in the morning to hear a lot of clucking coming from our one remaining chicken. The ginger cat that had chased her out of the garden the week before does not want to leave her alone. I don’t think it intends to do her any harm, otherwise I’m sure it would have done so by now. I think it just wants to chase her. None-the-less she remains one terrified little chicken.

I was still feeling pretty lethargic. The roof of my mouth was starting to feel tender too and I was getting slightly irritated eyes and nose, all signs that hayfever was finally kicking in. I often start experiencing those symptoms a few weeks earlier, but June was only just starting to warm up having been rather mild for the first half of the month.

A children’s festival was being hosted along the banks of the river in town, so we wandered down there after lunch. There were all sorts of activities, most aimed at younger children. There were a couple of more daring fun things to try too, such as a zip line across the river, which our seven-year-old did a couple of times. We ended up at a playground at one end of the festival where there were a number of food stalls and everyone ordered pizzas and burgers and things to eat. I just had a green tea.

I was getting quite worn out and it was time for our guests to get moving, so we walked home. Pia drove her sister and family to the railway station to get their train, while I napped for a bit. It had been quite a tiring weekend, all in all.

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