BEP Cycle 2 Day 3

Thursday 27 June

I was feeling very tired and a little sick in the morning after having had such a long session the night before. I wasn’t feeling nearly as good as I had a day earlier. I slept on and off during the morning and tried to watch some TV, but couldn’t concentrate on it very well.

Since I’d been disconnected from the IV pump during the night, I’d also noticed something that felt like nerve pain in the back of my right wrist and forearm. This felt like it was being triggered by how I was moving my hand. For example, when trying to insert an earplug into my right ear with my right hand, I would get the pain on bending my finger to push the ear plug in. The pain wasn’t constant though, nor too bad.

Pia arrived around the middle of the day. I had a shower, which was refreshing and we then went for a little walk. I was managing a bit more slowly than the day before, but it was nice to get out.

Feeling a bit rough but out for a walk, exploring an art installation in the park

I was hooked up to the IV pump around 16:00 again and treatment progressed rapidly with nice quick bag changes. Pia and I got away around 19:00 with another party bag of drugs. I wasn’t taking home all of the same things as last time, as I did have a lot left over from cycle 1, but most importantly I had a week’s supply of Filgrastim injections, Dexmethasone, Omeprazole and Metoclopramide.

It was nice to get home. It had been wonderful that Lee had been able to come and stay. The girls had had a great time with her and with her dog who had also come to stay. Lee had planned to drive home the next morning, but instead she decided to try driving in the evening while the dog was a bit more sleepy and would hopefully travel more easily.

Despite having a few toilet visits throughout the night, I slept quite well and it was nice to be back in my own bed.

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