BEP Cycle 3 Day 4

Friday 19 July 2019

I was feeling very lethargic and a bit sick in the morning. I just wanted to lie still. I had Clexane, Omeprazole and Metoclopramide around 9 am. I turned down hospital breakfast when it was offered, eating a banana a bit later on instead.

I spent most of the morning either sleeping or lying very still, not feeling good at all. Pia arrived around 13:00. I continued sleeping for a while.

Lying still, feeling tired and sick

I couldn’t handle going for much of a walk. I did however get up and dressed and we walked down to the hospital’s main entrance to get some food from M&S. It was much more of an effort than the day before, but this was also the case on the third day of inpatient treatment in cycles 1 & 2, so I was getting kind of used to it.

We came back to the ward and I had my steroids. We ate a little and then I was hooked up to the IV pump for my final inpatient chemo session. It took just a little over two hours to complete. We headed home after that with another party bag of drugs, this one including 30 Clexane injections to keep me busy for the next 15 days.

Starting on my final inpatient chemo treatment – nice to be getting towards the end of it all

It was nice to get home. Pia’s mum had been a great help in looking after the girls all week. As it had been the girls’ last day at school for the year, they had cleared their desks and brought home lots of bits and pieces including all of the artwork they had done throughout the year. We had a look through some of that during the evening, which was nice. Very impressive!

As I’d been feeling so tired and unwell all day, I didn’t waste too much time in getting to bed. I slept well.

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