BEP Cycle 3 Day 15

Tuesday 30 July 2019

I woke quite early and went out to open the chicken run and the greenhouse. I felt ok, but a little bit sick, and as on so many other mornings recently, I took a dose of Metoclopramide. When Pia got up, we sat on the sofa to finish watching a film that we’d started the night before.

It was raining quite a lot outside. Despite that, we decided to have a walk into town to get a couple of things. We were almost ready to leave the house on a couple of occasions, when I started to feel bad and had to lie down. When we finally got going, I was a bit slow and unsteady, but I coped ok. We were out for almost two hours in total and I was exhausted when we got home. Like the day before, I lay down and snoozed for a couple of hours.

For dinner we decided to try something new. We made butternut squash falafels with a herb and chilli zhoug sauce. We made some rice and salad to go with that. Pia also baked some oat and raisin muffins. I was getting quite worn out while cooking and I had to keep leaning on the bench or sitting down every so often. It was nice to eventually settle down to eat.

Butternut squash falafels with zhoug sauce, rice and salad

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